2013. szeptember 5., csütörtök

Víz: még 4 nap a zárásig, de Magyarország már a 13.

Hungary is in!

A special thanks to Laszlo Szecsi, president of ODE (Old Dohányfüstmentes Egyesület) and member of the Hungarian roundtable for protection of arable land (Az anyafoldvedelmi kerekasztal), to the 12 associations that helped him and to all members of EPHA, EAPN, EEB and EPSU in Hungary and the European Roma Rights Centre. You did it!

Hungary is the 13th country that has gone over the minimum number of signatures required per country for our ECI. We are waiting and hoping to present more good news from Sweden and Portugal in the last few days. Signing is still possible until 9 september.

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