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Come all you/ye fair and tender ladies
Take warning/Be careful how you court/courting your/(a) young men
They're like a (bright) star on (a) summer’/cloudy morning
They(’l)l first appear and then they're/be gone
When they first come to you a-courting
They laid his eye upon your breast
Then you'll believe with their pleasant talking
The sun could rise up in the west.
They'll tell to you some flattering/loving/simple story
To make you think/And then/they(‘ll) declare/They'll swear to you (that) they/their love you/is (so) well/true
Then away/Straightway they'll go and/to court some/an other
And leave you (t)here in grief to dwell/Oh/And that's (all) the love (that) they’ll have for you
He'll leave you weeping like a willow,
He'll leave you mourn like a dove.
He'll leave you all alone to wander,
Why, you are careless with your love.
And I'll go down to some lonesome valley,
I'll spend my months, my weeks, my years.
And I'll eat nothing but green willow
And I'll drink nothing but my tears
I wish I was a/were some little sparrow
(And) I had wings and/then I/one of those that could fly (so high)
(And) I’d fly home/away to my (own/false) true (lost) lover/love’s dwelling
And while he'll talk/when (s)he courted/When he’d speak/
you spoke I would sit and cry/I would be by/I would deny/I’d be closed by
But I am no little sparrow/I wish to the Lord I’d never seen them/him
I have/got no wings, neither/nor can I fly/Or in his cradle he had died
(So) I(’ll) sit down/right here and weep in/I’d lie down in (my) grief and sorrow
(So) I('ll) sit down/right here until die/And (try to) pass my troubles by (and by)
Young girls, don't cast your mind on beauty
For beauty will surely fade away
It's many's the bright and the sunshiny morning
Turns out a dark and a most mutinous day
I wish/If I'd known before I courted
I never would have courted none/
That love had been/gone so hard to gain/away/wi
I'd locked my heart above a-courting/
in a box/with keys of golden
And fastened it up/pinned it down with a silver pin/chain
Do you remember our days of courting
When your head lay upon my breast
You could make me believe with the falling of your arm/that
the sun in the morning
That the sun/And the moon rose in the West
Young men never cast your eye on beauty
For beauty is a thing that will decay
For the prettiest flowers that grow in the garden
How soon they'll wither, will wither and fade away
I wish I was on some tall mountain
Where the ivy rocks are black as ink
I'd write a letter to my false/lost true lover
Whose cheeks are like the morning dew/pink
For/Oh love is handsome/great, (and) love is charming
And love is pure/pretty while/when first it's new
But love grows cold and/as love grows (c)old(er)
And/It fades away like (the) morning' dew
Come all you/ye fair and tender ladies
Take warning/Be careful how you court your/young men
They're like a star on a summer’/cloudy morning
They first appear and then they're gone

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